Sailboat Rentals

Catamaran Rentals on the beach at Pensacola Beach, Florida.

We have two different catamaran sailboats you can take out according to your experience level. All new boats.

The boats are very easy to sail .  All the boats are equipped with all necessary safety equipment and lifejackets. The rental rates for all our sailboats are $60 for one hour, $110 for two hours, a half day (3-4 hrs) is $200, full day (6-8 hours) is $300, two days is $550 and additional days are $250 each.

We have the Wave catamaran (13 feet long, main sail only, and can hold 3 adults or about 600 lbs.), the Getaway catamaran (16' 7" long, main and jib, can hold 900lbs). No reservation required.