Sailboat Rentals

Catamaran Rentals on the beach at Pensacola Beach, Florida.

We have two different catamaran sailboats you can take out according to your experience level. All new boats. The boats are very easy to sail .  All the boats are equipped with all necessary safety equipment and lifejackets.

You have your choice of two sizes of catamaran sailboats to rent.

The Hobie Getaway catamaran (16 feet 7 inches long, has main and jib sails, and can carry 900 lbs.) which you can rent for $75 for one hour, or $140 for 2 hours, or $250 up to 4 hours, and even $400 for an 8 hour adventure.

The Hobie Wave catamaran (13 feet long, uses mainsail only to keep things simple, and can carry 600 lbs.) which rents for $55 for 1 hour, or $95 for 2 hours, or $150 for up to 4 hours, or spend the whole day (8 hours) for $400.