SeaDoo Dolphin Tours

Join us on a guided tour to remember, riding our new 2022 SeaDoo Personal Watercraft (PWC),  you will be led right to the Dolphins! Cruising in a group and led by our experienced cruise leader for a two hour adventure of a lifetime.

Two hour trip, starts 9/9:30ish, $265 for driver and $35 for passenger. (We can sometimes accommodate later start times with enough advanced notice.)

Call (850) 932-5520 To Book A Guided SeaDoo Dolphin Cruise

Tips From Our Guide

The dolphin tours are about 2 hours long, and on average, the trip is about 25 miles long round trip. This is ideal for people looking for something different than a typical SeaDoo rental that involves sightseeing and dolphin watching over a large area. We cover a lot of ground and the view is beautiful. You may see other marine life like sea turtles. No tour is the same.

If you decide to go on one with us, then please remember to bring at least two water bottles per person and you might want to bring a light snack. Space is limited, but do remember to bring, and wear, plenty of sunscreen. Coat your face really well as the UV is much more intense on the water. Its a good idea to wear a long sleeve rash guard too. They are designed to get wet and dry quickly while protecting you from sunburn as they are made of polyester or nylon. If you are planning a trip in advance, then I cannot overemphasize buying polarized sunglasses. They take out most of the glare which will allow you see dolphins moving just under the waterline. Some of my best photos would never have been taken had I not worn them.

Dolphins are extremely curious and it is not uncommon for them to swim over by us to check us out. They like to ride the bows of boats body surfing on the push of the hull, and they can do it even with small vessels like skis. But they can also be injured by boat props or collision with boat hulls so we have to be respectful of their space and their safety. Fortunately, SeaDoo watercraft don't have a prop exposed. Instead they have an impeller so as long as you are at idle speed all will be well. Please remember that if they do, then let them control the engagement because we have to respect their space under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. You can't feed them or swim with them and that sort of thing. They might be hunting which is cool to observe and we don't want to disturb that, but when that is out of the way, they tend to be playful and quite curious. No matter what, it is always great to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural environment.