Key Sailing Hobie Team, GCKFA Rigging Clinic

It was a great turnout at the GCKFA Rigging clinic in Pensacola, The fully rigged Pro Angler 12 brought lots of attention. As always its awesome for everyone to be able to chat with Brandon Barton and Matt Vann  (Key Sailings Hobie Team members), as they are two of the most dedicated Kayak fisherman out there. we will be setting up a demo day/kayak fishing seminar in the near future and will post the dates and times soon. and we hope to have Matt & Brandon speaking at the seminar.

3 Responses

  1. Getting it done @ key sailing! Thanks Brandon Barton and Matthew Vann
  2. Thank you. We had a great time and the new 2015 Hobie pa 12 fully rigged out was a big hit!
  3. Great day!