Enjoy your flight on our U.S coast guard inspected boats that can take up to 12 flyers at a time. You are up in the air 10 minutes and you will be out on the boat about 20 minutes to an hour.  The line is 1,200 ft long so you are about 500 to 600 feet off the water.  You are wearing a lifejacket and a harness.   You leave from the back of the boat and come back to the deck of the boat.

You don't have to get wet if you want but at the end of the ride they like to do a dip that brings you down and dips your feet into the water.  We don't guarantee that you won't get wet so don't bring anything with you that you don't want to get wet or lose.  You can parasail at any age. Weight restrictions are 200-450 pounds and this all depends on the wind conditions.  Singles, doubles, and triples are available to make the total weight.

The combined weight must be less then 450 pounds.  We are open from 9AM-6PM seven days a week during peak season.  We usually do not have a wait if you come in before Noon.  No reservations necessary but as it gets busier please call and we will get you as close to your preferred time as possible.

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