Carnage Scoreboard, Miami Nacra 17’s

Update on operation "get Nacra parts to Miami" by Key Sailing.

During the first two days of racing here is a list of broken items that were replaced by parts from Key Sailing, mostly as a result of spectacular pitch-poles in overpowered conditions, especially at the marks.

GBR Lucy Macgregor & Andrew Walsh, New main and Jib
AUS Lucinda Whitty & Euan McNicol, New boat plus new mast for the new boat.
GBR Mary Rook & Tom Phipps, New Main, Jib, and spin
BRA Samual Albrecht & Geórgia Da Silva,  New Mast
GBR Ruppert White & Nicola Chaffe, Rudder castings
GRE Sofia Bakatorou & Konstantinous, New Mast & tiller x bar
USA Katalyn Flood & Keenean Madewell, New Spin and snuffer bag
USA David Hein & Jessica Clafin, Rudders and battens
USA Evan Aras  & Nancy Hagood New spin pole, Tiller X bar
USA Cate Gundlach & Garrett Brown, New boat (6m0 ago) New set of sails and spin
USA Robbie Daniels & Brianna Chu, New spin, battens, snuffer bag, new rudders
CAN Morgan Cuthbertson & Mitchell Macdonald, New spin pole tiller ext.

There were a few other teams that received small items in the shipments.

The teams had a lot of work to do once they received the new parts but most teams were able to get back in the action the same day they received the parts.

Good luck to all the teams and here's hoping conditions improve for the rest of the regatta and the only thing you break is the spirit of your competitors.


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  1. Hope all works out , great job on fast response from Key Team