Miami OCR Nacra 17 final results are in!!

Looks like it was a hard week of racing. lots of Broken masts and other parts. the top teams were Italian, British then French, the first US Team was Mike Easton & Katherine Pettibone in the 21st spot. Please see link for the rest of the results.
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If you build it they will come.

We are doing some up grading for the 2015 season. To start with we will have a shiny new Dock For customers to enjoy When doing their water sports activities. We will post more pictures as the project gets closer to completion.
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Carnage Scoreboard, Miami Nacra 17’s

Update on operation "get Nacra parts to Miami" by Key Sailing. During the first two days of racing here is a list of broken items that were replaced by parts from Key Sailing, mostly as a result of spectacular pitch-poles in overpowered conditions, especially at the marks. GBR Lucy Macgregor & Andrew Walsh, New main and Jib…
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Carnage in Miami, Key Sailing saves the day.

Broken masts all over the place but there were three teams lucky enough to call Capt. Kirk at Key Sailing in Pensacola Beach, FL. Key Sailing was able to supply three brand new Nacra 17 masts and arrange to get them overnight 700 miles to the Miami venue. The Key Sailing general manager, Charlie Trinque…
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2015 Blue Angels Air Show

The Navy's Blue Angels air show returns to Pensacola Beach July 11, 2015.

For more information and more shows check the official site at